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Changelog for UI Improvements, Prompts, and SticChat Release
Changelog for UI Improvements, Prompts, and SticChat Release
  • 📝 Added Changelog: A changelog to track recent product changes: Users can now keep track of recent changes made to the product.
  • 🔄 Improved UI: The UI to improve responsiveness: The user interface has been updated to work well on different screen sizes and devices.
  • Improved Performance: Template query load time for faster performance: The time it takes to load templates has been reduced for faster performance.
  • 🚀 Released Prompts: Over 1500 prompts on Generic Prompts & Marketing: Users can now access a wide range of prompts for different use cases.
  • 📬 Added Feedback Button: A "send feedback" button for users to provide product feedback via email: Users can now provide feedback on the product easily by clicking on the button.
  • 💬 Introduced SticChat: SticChat, a UI similar to ChatGPT but with additional features: Users can now access a new chat interface with additional features.
  • ⌨️ Added Shortcuts: Shortcuts to enhance the user experience: Users can now use shortcuts to perform actions more quickly and efficiently. The shortcuts include:
    • Pressing Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+L to open the prompts modal
    • Pressing Alt/Option to select and navigate between placeholders in the prompts
    • Pressing Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+G to generate content
    • Pressing Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+R to show/hide markdown preview